10 Hacks to Make Your Website Traffic-Grabber


10 Hacks to Make Your Website Traffic-Grabber

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Aren’t you fully satisfied with the results of your business’s marketing strategies? Have you tried finding out the reason?

The problem could be in the base for which you have created the entire strategy i.e. your website design.

Yeah, I am serious about it. Many business owners tend to ignore the root cause of failure in marketing strategy.

Prior to moving on or questioning any aspect of the economic strategies, it is important to focus on the core i.e. website design for which you are making your investments. Analyse your website’s look keeping yourself in the shoes of the reader. When you will look at it with a different perspective, only then will you be able to tweak out the mistakes that you have made earlier.

It is an agreeable fact that website is the requisite for marketing, and if the visitor is coming to your website then make sure you are providing the best impression of your company in the very first glance itself. Most of their pre-sales concerns like how they feel about your company, will they be feeling comfortable in doing business with you, are you among reputed names, and will you be able to deliver them what they are seeking for etc. should get answered within first few seconds.

A visually appealing website may pass the very first test of visitor’s approval, but for good performance in terms of conversion rate – there are many more things to consider.

What is conversion rate?

The conversion rate is evaluated as the number of potential customers who finally turn up as leads. It is basically referred as the percentage of visitors who proceed for shopping in regards of a website. The majority of websites solely focus on proliferating the number of visitors while having some concerns in the existing site that, if fairly resolved, can make a drastic change in the conversion rates, improving the bottom line of the site within minimum expenditure.

For improving a website conversion rate, you need to adopt few techniques such as:

1) Think of Making User Life Easy:
This aspect might sound simple, but is too sophisticated for many organisations to execute appropriately by all accounts. Higher will be the degree of difficulty that user will face with the website usage, lesser will be the chances of conversions.

A properly designed website never aims for preventing somebody from buying; it allows 100% of visitors to make their purchase. So, where have they gone wrong?

• Accessibility: Accessibility of a website is a legal engagement in many countries. In defiance of that, inaccessible websites are still created that negatively impact your sales. Your accessibility matters a lot as visitors tend to stumble on other sites if they find your site impossible to use. A complicated website can depreciate your potential sales by 5%. Above that, an inaccessible website cannot be indexed by search engines that again results into losing a fair amount of potential sales.

• Browsers: Most of the designers work keeping Internet Explorer in mind. The reason behind this approach is that 99% of the users view sites using IE. But this necessarily doesn’t mean that a site should be created in an order that won’t work on other browsers. User preferences may vary and it is just not sensible to impose a choice of particular browser on them. Let’s say – if 80-85% of visitors are using Internet Explorer, what about the 20-15% of visitors who use other browsers. No one else is responsible for the loss except you.

• Be Bold (wherever necessary): What’s the next step users take after finalising a product to buy? They simply add it to their shopping cart. But, how? Obviously, by clicking on the button or link provided. Now the twist is what if that button is not visible enough to catch their attention? To win the customers who feel uncomfortable scrolling, it is important to provide things above the fold. Don’t be among websites who don’t label the important buttons with right names and even worse, don’t consider it important to highlight them. Make sure you are highlighting all the Call to Actions bold with right captions. This will help you increase the sales by approximately 30%.

• Accountability: What if your potential customers want to know more about the products? Can users get all the technical specifications about a particular product? Whether they are available in PDF format? Is the page-load speed good enough? If all the functionalities have been taken care of well, you don’t need to stress. But remember, you can lose up to 99% of potential sales if your website is not functioning smoothly.

Combining all the problems detailed above can give you an answer where are you troubling users due to poor performance. Don’t forget any of these factors unless you won’t be able to convert the people who are online for making purchases.

2) Clarity, Honesty and Openness is a Requisite: If you are running out of stock, make it clear. It can be an annoying situation to the user that he goes through the details of the product, add it to the shopping cart, and the moment he checks out for the purchase- got to know that the product isn’t available.

Same goes with the pricing – a visitor might be ready to spend $50 for a particular product, but when he/she finds out the shipping price equals the price of the product, they are likely to discontinue that purchase. It is quite tricky to show delivery prices. Here you can track the IP of the country database that will enable you to figure out the location of the user and the delivery charges can be displayed accordingly. It this is not attainable, display the delivery prices for the countries where your products are majorly delivered.

3) Avoid Wastage of Time: Asking too much of information can turn out to be the biggest mistake you are making on your website. You can make it a conversion of sale or a request for information. Be it any of the cases; don’t make it a time-consuming process by asking for too many things that are not even required. This holds much more significance when you ask them some private information that they don’t want to share without any good reason.

Process right means for asking necessary information as per the gateways customers passes through. Nothing should look like a compulsion. For instance, a visitor may not like to do any other purchase with you – what’s the point asking them to create an account or become a member even before the first purchase. Keep information-seeking means in a streamlined manner.

4) Build Trust among Visitors: Many people still feel apprehensive in making purchases online and it is quite reasonable as there are plenty of scammers who are watching out to steal the credit card information or the banking details. So, it is quite significant to give your potential customers a good reason to trust you.

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Displaying a privacy policy and detailing the procedures of shipping also helps potential customers to trust you. Above that, if you are having a security certificate (SSL), you should show the logo of “Verisign Secured” to the visitors.

Also, design and content contribute majorly in trust building. A poor design leaves off an unprofessional image. If a company is not bothered about showing off a decent image in the market through a well-designed website, how can a user gain trust about being treated well. Similarly, if the content is badly written or has many errors, the user may develop negative thoughts about your company. All such aspects should be closely monitored so to show visitors that you take pride in the quality you deliver.

5) Returns Policy should be Clearly Defined: Returns on the eCommerce stores are likely to remain a major trouble for the consumers. When it is about a bricks and mortar shop, the customer is familiar with the location of the shop where he can go directly to return the product and explain their issue. It is quite a difficult on the web especially in the case of clothing where people can’t try what they buy.

Visitors usually get impressed with the sites having good returns policy and feel compel to make a purchase from them. Calling people after returns request is a great option as they feel comfortable and cared by explaining their problem to a real person. Also, you can provide them an option of free return shipping (if it’s viable). People don’t like to pay for the things that they need to return especially if it’s a mistake from sender’s side. Moreover, give them enough time for returning things as sometimes it takes too long to deliver a product and users don’t find the return policy usable. 28 days from the date of product delivery is recommended.

6) Keep the Users Updated: Whenever a person purchases his/her essentials online, the first thing that they want to know is when it is going to be delivered at their doorsteps. People today are impatient. Providing them an estimated date of the product delivery at the checkout is a good way to start with. An email notification about the product dispatch is also good. Give them a tracking number through which they can track their product online. This will help to keep them informed at every step – be it before or after the sale.

You might be wondering about how this links with the conversion rate? Well, if you will be able to make your customer’s experience a happy one, they will likely to speak in your favour to their peers or closed ones. They may recommend you to the online communities. This also increases the chance that they visit you again.

Always remember a company that cares for their customers, even after they are done with the shopping, makes them feel much happier and compelled to return for shopping again.

7) Offer Multiple Payment Options: This aspect might sound obvious, but offering visitors with the reasonable option in payment methods should be taken care of well. It is not necessary that every buyer is carrying a credit card, but again this also doesn’t mean that you should allow them to make a payment through cheque. Give them good alternatives to make their life easier.

8) Offer More Assistance to Visitors: People who are finally making a purchase are doing so because they liked something they saw. When the user adds any product to the basket, you should show them a list of products that they might like. It goes same when they are exploring things, you can show them similar offerings. They might like the product from the other choices you have given. This technique is among tested and tried sales technique. There is no reason that you should avoid using it.

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9) Be Impressive: A good site reflects quality information. A poor one is nothing more than a catalogue. Information – be it anything like articles, new-release, reviews, feedbacks and so on- everything serves to be a great help in the process of buying. So, be connected with the target audience and leave a lasting impression on them, compelling them to visit you again. The quality of the site and its information should never be compromised.

10) What’s Your USP: USP? Unique Selling Point is something that sets your business apart from the competitors. It can be anything like outstanding customer service, free delivery, unique range of products, great support, low prices etc. Let your visitors know about it, giving them a loud appearance.

Now that you got the entire list, don’t waste time – analyse your website today and make the appropriate changes (wherever required) so as to make your website a favourite shopping spot for the potential customers. Showcase best of your business!

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