10 Simple webdesign Hacks That Will Increase Your eCommece store Traffic

ecommerce webdesign hacks

10 Proven eCommerce Web design hacks to Get More sells in 2015

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Selling your products online is not an easy job. You really need to work hard in every direction from where you think you can make maximum of it. You cannot sit still. The lines are so diverse that you get confused what to do and what you should avoid because when you see benefits from all the sides it becomes very difficult to choose the best option for your business.

It is just like that there is an endless tunnel that you are running hard to cross but you are unable to find the ending point. But in this post we will discuss some major points that will help you in making your eCommerce website an attractive one that will help you in catching good amount of customers.

1. Always Highlight Your Unique Features On Top
When you are marketing your products, always highlight the special features on top. By highlighting the special features it will allow your readers to summarize the things and will help them in knowing the basic features of the products.

2. Publish Your Product Reviews
When you receive good reviews about your products, do not forget to publish them on your website. People generally read reviews about the products they want to buy. So when your business is offering them with good quality products and they can see good reviews on your website regarding your products they will definitely buy products from you.

3. Always Communicate With Your Customers
When your customers are commenting on your posts and they are discussing and making queries, you should always communicate with them. Answer their queries, discuss with them, tell them where they are wrong and what all they need to do for the particular thing they are lagging with. This will improve your overall ratings with your customers and will also help you in enhancing your eCommerce website.

4. Answer Their Queries
We have to work in our business on everyday basis. We have to face many questions every day. You will always face some questions by your customers who would like to inquire about the various features on your website. Some of the questions you will find will inspire you, some of them will make you learn various other things, some will also help you in finding the answers you yourself are not confirmed.

5. Use Videos
Videos go viral very easily. Most of the websites are now using videos for educating their potential customers for buying their products. They explain about their products and services through videos and make people aware about what products do they deal into. This is considered as the best way for making people aware about your services.

6. Smooth Navigation Should Be There
When people visit your website they should experience smooth navigation. By the word smooth navigation we mean that your website should provide effective browsing and easy to look into your products and services. If they can view your website easily without having any issues in browsing the products and services they will definitely come to visit your website again.

7. Use Images Of The Products
When you are into an eCommerce website, it is obvious that you deal into selling products online. Then why don’t you place the images of the products you are selling? By placing the images of the products your visitors will become sure of what you are selling and what they are going to buy.

8. Speed Of Your eCommerce Website
Speed of your eCommerce website matters a lot. If your website is slow and it is taking lot of time for loading, customers won’t stop for long. They will rush to some other website and you will be left behind. So if you really want to speed up your eCommerce business, then reduce the loading time of your website.

9. Maintain a Blog
Start writing a blog post regularly for your website. Provide all the latest information about your products, write something informative and interesting and let people know something new and something interesting. Posting regularly on your blogs will help you in getting a good number of visitors and readers. This will ultimately lead to a good number of clients and business to you.

10. Do Not Forget To Provide Your Contact Details
Sometimes your visitors want to contact you directly through phone or through email. So do not forget to leave your contact details on your blog. It is obvious that you want to help your customer or your reader in any way. Always place your contact details at some prominent place on your website where people could find it easily without any fuss. Provide them with correct information because they love to talk to the real person behind the scenes.

So if you want your eCommerce website to work for you in a great way then apply these 10 methods and see the change. With these points you will definitely overcome various issues that your eCommerce website is facing.

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