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Crushing 5 Big Myths about Website Designing

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When you are reading something on the internet, it is not necessary that you have to trust it all. You have to use your brains and have to give a deeper thought to what you have been reading and how much are the things right and how much are they are a rumour.

There are various things said about a website designing and development but it is not necessary that you have to believe everything. Some of the facts might be myths and must be providing you with wrong information. So it is you who have to decide what is the real information and which is not. In this blog we will tell you about some myths related to Web designing that have been debunked. Please have a look:

1.Using more widgets make your website a better one
Sometimes when a new feature is introduced it gets a lot of attention but it just does not catch on. Adding widgets to your website that will direct visitors to your social media websites is a very good idea. But always be careful that you do not direct them to the platforms that you are using yourself. If you are having a single video of your company on YouTube, do not use the widget for directing people there. You have to be very organized when you are planning to use widgets so that they should not get cluttered. Most of the social network websites offer different options for using their buttons. When you use these widgets in an organized way your website looks more professional.

2.Your Website works as a sales tool for you
Yes it is true that your website work as a sales tool but what is the need to show it. Do not design your sales around the sale.

The websites having sales focused designs would be the one having huge buttons and graphics that looks like if they are begging in front of the visitors to click them so that they should be contacted immediately. It is very rare that people land on your website and are ready to immediately purchase the things.

3.Home Page of your Website is the most important one
You will only land the home page of the website only if you are visiting the website directly. But when you are not visiting the website directly and you are landing to some other page with the results in the search engines you might not visit the home page. Then what is the benefit of making your home page the best page?

It is the complete website that works but not the home page only. So when you are working on your website work on the complete website instead focusing only on the Home page.

4.“Looks of the website” matters the most
Sometimes you get attracted to a website because it is looking good and has appealing designs but what if all other things are not useful for you. For e.g. the content written is not useful and you are finding difficulties in browsing the website, the categories are not defined properly and the products are not enlisted under given categories.

So it is not “looks” that matters but it is the complete website that matters. Each and every factor should be taken care of while designing a website. You cannot blame a single factor for the failure or you cannot praise only one factor for the success of your website.

5.Your Call To action always needs to be placed above the fold
You can place your Call to action anywhere on your page. The only thing that matters is that it should be highlighted in such a way that it is visible to the user. When you are providing what your user wants then they will automatically search for your CTA. So it is not necessary that you have to place it above the fold.

These are the 5 myths that you have to take care about while designing a website. There are a number of factors on which the success of your website depends. So do not just focus on one. Take care of all.

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