How to Design a Great “About us” page?

10 Essential Elements of an Outstanding “About us” Page

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How many times while surfing the internet you have logged on to a website and landed on a page titled “About us”? I guess plenty of times. It is one page every online site, however big or small will definitely have. It is by far the most frequently visited page of a site. A user is redirected from the home page to the “About us” page via a hyperlink, which provides the user with complete details about the company, its business, client base, the goods and services it provides, its past, present & future. In short, this page is a virtual showcase and an advertisement for the company, which also helps it to establish a direct contact with a potential buyer by displaying the company’s information. In case a user gets interested in a particular product on offer by the company, but has a query, he can visit the contact us page and get the company’s email id to establish a direct contact. This about us page acts like a bridge to connect the seller with the buyer. The relevance of an “About us” page increases with SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises), who are already walking on a tight rope due to limited budgets, and require the most cost effective ways to promote their goods and services.

If you are asking yourself as to what makes a good website? The answer would be a creatively designed “About us” page, an essential part that differentiates an ordinary website from a good website by raising the bar. While hiring someone to build your own website, the focal point of discussion should revolve around the “About us” page, with extra stress on content as well as looks. Let us discuss and look at the 10 necessary elements required to achieve a good “About us” page.

1. About the company:
Perhaps the most important, but mostly ignored. The content describing your business should be in the simplest words possible, not too technical, otherwise the visitor will have no clue, as to what he is reading. The idea is to convert a visitor into a buyer. The content should be precise, to the point and in the fewest words as possible. Always remember that no user has spare time to read 5 pages about your company. The internet world is anyway full of distractions, suddenly a pop-up will appear and the user will get redirected somewhere else. Opportunity lost.

2. Highlighting Testimonials and user reviews:
A user is the ultimate target audience for a website, if users like a product or service; they show their affection by sharing comments and giving testimonials. Displaying a few good reviews on the “About us” page helps boost visitor confidence and creates a good reputation of the company.

3. It should be a visual treat:
Something which looks good for the first time is always given a second look. An elegant looking “About us” page is sure to catch user attention. Vivid pictures and colourful backgrounds look pleasing to the eyes and encourage users to visit again.

4. Contact info on the page:
Although not mandatory, as there is a “contact us” page in almost every website, but providing contact details on the “About us” page makes the company and its products more reachable and time saving for the users. A simple contact phone number and email ID will solve the purpose.

5.The Tag line:
Phrase a tagline that describes the philosophy and ideology of your company. Although there are no set rules as to where to place it on the “About us” page, but ideally it should appear below or next to the company banner or name. To give an example, ABC Pvt. Ltd. “We create better lives”. These tag lines attract a lot of attention while defining your business ethics.

6. Redirecting further:
Once you have managed to catch the user’s attention with your “About us” page, he should be redirected quickly to the products and services page without wasting time. The indications and hyperlinks of the “About us” page should be clear enough to guide the user straight towards your products.

7.  Links with e-com sites:
Not all businesses sell products online or on their own site, many websites are created purely to promote business and advertise products. However, a common practice is that they do sell their products on popular e-commerce portals. Your “About us” page should bear names and emblems, with links to such portals where your products are selling online. This way a user will be able to buy your product straight away after reading about your company or product.

8. Social Media quotient:
Similarly, the “About us” page should have clickable linking emblems of popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. enabling a user to read additional company info along with the likes and dislikes received by your products on the social media.

9.Linking with partners:
Another aspect which establishes a company’s credibility is that it is linked with partners or other brands. For example, if you are a company engaged in the productions of potato wafers and also a member of FSA (Food and Snack Association); your “About us” page should highlight it with a symbol of FSA along with a short description.

10.External links:
Provide external links to articles, blogs published about your business on other sites. They are good indicators of a well performing establishment. If there aren’t any, then you may provide external links related to your business or products to enhance user knowledge and interest.

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