10 Steps To The Best contact us page design

best contact us page design tips

10 Tactics to Design Effective Contact-Us Page

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Every web design comprises of some key elements that, if executed well, contribute to its impression on visitors. The most common and emphasized page is the homepage whereas the not so commonly discussed element is the last page, to be more precise, the Contact Us page. This is more often a start to a relationship between the client and your brand.

Imagine you have got a website with all the functionalities what a customer seeks for. He/she is pretty much impressed by the same and is interested in connecting with you probably for some good deal. But, he/she didn’t find a way to reach you. You are likely to miss some good business opportunity in such a case. So, it is important that you provide them a point of interaction where they can communicate with you – be it related to the feedback, order query or any other sort of confirmation.

Now, when you have realised the significance of integrating a contact us page into your website, you should create a brilliant one instead of a boring one as how you approach client really matters a lot. Let’s have a look at some genius tips that can help you to recreate the effect on your website.

1) Design the Page: Gone is the trend of standard contact us form with square corners. You should spice up this page by experimenting colours, layout or simply by rounding off the corners. A bit of styling not only gives a customised look but also reflects the consistent approach.

2) Bring it to the Focus: Make sure when a user is filling up the contact form, he is not getting distracted by other content elements. You can try dimming the entire page when the user is busy in entering details. This will make the contact us page a centre of attraction.

3) Make it Whimsical: If you really want to compel visitors to contact you, keep the surrounding environment of contact us page warm and welcoming. This way, customers will find you more approachable and they will probably expect a friendlier response. Go distinct with vibrant colours and silly demonstrations. In fact, go creative with every aspect including icons, typography, font etc.

4) Complement it with a Map: If you want to indicate any physical location or brick and mortar store, including a site map with contact us page is a mandate so that potential customers can locate you easily. You can either provide a fully-featured and interactive map or a stylishly illustrated one – the one that suits your preferences.

5) Keep it Smart: There are many creative ways to represent your contact us form. Highlighting the significant things can be done through symbols or icons. With the advanced tools, you just name it and you will get the component required for making your contact us a page out of the ordinary.

6) Avoid Inputs in Writing: With the world going mobile, users want to do much of their essential tasks on the go. They don’t have much time to sit back relax and fill out the complete form through typing. They feel happier with the options provided with checkboxes, radio buttons whereby they just to click on their choice and they are done.

7) Beautify it with Animations: A form with animated effect attracts visitors much more instantly. Be sure animation is not overdone. Subtle effects make a good impact.

8) Make it Thematic: It would be creative turn to think of a clever theme for your contact us page. Come up with a user-friendly interface so that people will feel familiar. It can boost up the usability if not overdone, again.  Try something unique but relevant to your business.

9) It should be Conversational: Grabbing information from the client is the motto we tend to achieve through the contact page. Making it interactive will help in every aspect – be it seeking information or make them feel friendlier.

10) Keep it oversized: One of the easiest ways to grab user’s attention is to design the page in a big size than usual. This will be a pleasant surprise to them.

You might have got a clear picture in your mind about the contact us page design of your website. And if you are a designer, you might have got insights about being more creative with your approach. Don’t think of bringing everything together in a rushed manner. You will end up cluttering the page and eventually, lose out a good number of potential customer. Keep all the aspects in mind and figure out the best way or the best combination to make customers feel welcomed and convince them to stay connected.

Therefore, provide your customers a clearly defined path to reach you. Try out a distinct layout, structure or typography to come up with the most creative indicators.

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