eCommerce Website Design Like A Pro With The Help Of These 5 Tips

How to Design a Perfect Ecommerce Website? That Boost Your Business

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The new trend is all about eCommerce websites. People are not involved in dealing with a single product but they sell variety of products in order to make maximum profits. When you want to deal with multiple products and that too online, designing eCommerce website is the best thing that you can do with your business. But like every other thing in this world designing eCommerce websites have some rules to follow.

Let us check out what to do for designing a perfect eCommerce website:

1. Highlight the products that are less in number
If you highlight the products which are less in number by informing people about their actual number, your customers will run to get those products. This is the best way to grab attention of your customer towards the ending products.

2. Grab their attention towards important products
The products which are most useful and you are more interested in selling those products, try to design them and represent them in such a way that they look differently on the website and people should go for the products to buy them.

For example you are selling products like dresses then also include links for matching shoes, accessories like handbag or other relevant things.

3. Make your website easy to share
Do not forget to employ social media buttons to your website making it easy for your customers to share it on their personal profiles. If you are placing those buttons only then your visitors and customers would share your website else nobody would take the pains of doing this separately.

4. Make sure that products are described enough
When you paste products to your eCommerce website make sure that each and every product is described completely and is describing full features to make people understand your products and let them buy those products.

5. Easy navigation
Keep your websites easy to navigate. If the products on your website are not easy to browse and your website is very complex to manage, nobody would prefer to visit your website again.

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Now the question arise how to select the eCommerce Platform?

There is a huge number of eCommerce platform available in on the internet, so how to decide which one is best for your website? There are some basic requirements that every eCommerce website needs. These basic requirements include:

  • What programming language does your platform use? This is important when you are performing a lot of customization but it also depends on what type of web host plan you are using. Support differs for different platforms.
  • Check whether the platform is free or paid? There are tons of eCommerce platforms that are available for free where you can check for your basic theme or designs that you want to give to your website.
  • Whether it supports the type of products that you are planning to sell.
  • If it integrates the shipping services with it.
  • If the payment gateways also support you especially when you are already using a particular type of platform.
  • Check for how easy it is to customize the platform that you want to use? How many options do your platform has for customizing the things out of the box? Before selecting make sure if you have to dive into the deeper codes every time you want to change the things from your admin area.
  • What type of support is the platform offering? Is the platform completely community driven or is there any kind of support from the developer side? How much will it cost?

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There are three things that are must for an eCommerce website

You really need to work hard for designing a successful online store. But there are three major key points that you have to pay attention for designing a wonderful eCommerce website.

  1. Trustworthiness: Every eCommerce website needs to build having a sense of trust among shoppers. If a person who visits your website likes your website but does not receive the feel of trustworthiness, they will take your business in some other direction.
  2. It should be simple and easy to use: An online store has to be very simple in the way it functions has to be very simple if it is not designed itself. If your website is easy to handle and navigate there will be no point that your customer will be left wondering what to do next.
  3. Transparency: Your website and its relationship with its clients should remain transparent. You have to make sure that the things like contact information and he policies followed by the merchant like shipping should be easy to find. It should be easy to find what a customer is looking for. You can also tie it to the things like customer reviews on the website, and can openly address any type of criticism that might come to the merchant’s way.

Let us have a look at the free platforms that are available for designing your eCommerce website

1. Presta Shop
Presta Shop is considered as one the best eCommerce website designing platforms available these days. It offers more than 300 features that includes web service integration, one-page checkout, product support for downloadable, and a lot more. It is an open source platform and is free to download.

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Presta Shop offers their users with full documentation and a large number of resources for making you started. They also provide you paid modules for extending the functionality. Also you can get paid themes if you do not want to design your own theme.

2. Magento Community Edition
Magento is also an open source eCommerce platform which is successfully used by more than 2, 40,000 online businessmen worldwide. Its features include scalability and flexibility and are highly reliable to meet your exact requirements.

It offers you a plenty of support to help and support you if you get stuck in between including the complete documentation. It also offers you a host of extensions with it and if you do not like it you can create it on your own.

3. OpenCart
Open cart also offers you a variety of features that include support for almost unlimited categories, it also provide support for multiple currencies, free documentation, languages and lots more. It can provide more than 20 payment gateways and will offer their users with 8 different shipping methods.

This platform also offer support for writing product reviews and ratings, multiple taxes, a coupon system and lots more. You can make it temlatized by using the defauly template available at the right of the box.

4. Os Commerce
This platform offers its users more than 7,000 free add-ons and compiles a network of more than 250,000 store owners and the service providers. It offers an extra active community for supporting and helping if you move into the issues. It will provide you free and commercial support for any issue you met during the usage of the platform.

People have been using OS Commerce from almost 14 years and now they know how to make a strong foundation for building your business. It also provides you templates and themes so that you could customize the looks of your website without even starting from the very start.

5. Zen Cart
This platform is also an open source shopping cart solution that is available free of cost, is user-friendly with a huge number of plug-ins and add-ons for extending its functionality features. There are some add-ons for the admin tools, payment methods, marketing, pricing tools and much more.

Zen Cart offers an excellent documentation making it very easy by taking advantages of all types of functionality that it offers. There is also a showcase of websites which is created with Zen Cart for inspiring you.

6. Virtue Mart
If you have a Joomla based website and you want to work with a CMS, Virtue mart would be a good option for you. It is designed as an extension to Joomla or any other related open source platform. Virtue Mart is a platform that is written in PHP language and it asks for MySQL database environment for all types of data storage. It is considered as best for websites going from low to medium level.

The basic elements for a good eCommerce designs are something that every designer has to be familiar with, if only it is not bounded to come up with the clients at some specific point. If you ignore these kind things, your design will either result in unhappy clients and making them move elsewhere.

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