What Is the Psychology for a Great Web Design ?

Psychology of Webdesing

What Is the Psychology for a Great Web Design ?

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Every graphic designer knows that human behaviour is important whenever you think of designing a new website just like the necessary elements required. When a web designer knows the normal pattern that human brain follows, this will help you in designing more beautiful and captivating websites. By studying the psychology behind the decision for designing a website online, your designs could be more effective and catchy.

People always notice what they are searching for when they first visit your website. When people visit your website they search for what they want. If they want to buy something they will move to some eCommerce store and will look for the specific product and if someone is looking for some kind of information then he/she will search for the website of their interest.

You have to design your website keeping in mind your targeted audience. You have to make sure what kind of people do you want to visit your website. Design your website accordingly and provide your users what they are actually looking for.

3 things that you need to focus:

1. Content of your website:
You have to be very particular about the content on your website because people read what you write. The content has to be interesting, interacting, fresh and readable. If you are not providing good content to your readers, then you might lose them after two or three visits.

2. Formatting of your website:
Proper alignment of the content, images, and all other elements present on the website should be done in a proper way so that your website should look aligned and balanced. When you are creating a layout for your website, place all your major call to action buttons and your headlines on the design first and then build the structure of your site around it. Keep the call-to-actions understandable and easy to read to get your points across in as few words as possible. A large number of words will lose your user’s interest.

3. Images
Images are one more factor that influences the user’s statement. The composition and colours of images should be taken into consideration because both will have a subconscious effect on what a user should do on the website and how they should interact with the brand.

Artistic composition is not only focusing on what is actually appealing but it is also to hold the best user experience. Placing the text or any other element on the top of the photos asks for the right contrast in order to make things readable.

The psychology of an online user will always make you strive for the best and as a result you will make out the best of the bestest. When you know what your readers want, you will surely design the website up to their mark.

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