Does your website qualify these 10 tests?

10 Signs That Confirm the Perfection of My Website

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Every time we try to find something contradictory in our websites like what not to do, signs that shows that my website is not good, things to take care of while designing your website and various other things like this. But this time we will discuss about some signs that will make you prove that your website is perfect for your business and you are moving in absolutely correct direction. I know you must be desperately checking for the points because you too want to compare your website with those points. Not making you wait more, let us discuss the points:

1. Your website is working well on mobile
Check if your website is working well on mobile i.e. it is easy to open and browse on your mobile phone and all other gadgets available these days. You need to get your website responsive in order to make it mobile friendly. When your website is accessible on mobile means that your website is good and people can find easily what they are searching for.

You would be glad to hear that according to a survey, 62% of companies that have their website designed compatible for mobile devices saw increased sales and prove a responsive win-win!

Check your website for mobile compatibility with free tool W3C mobileOK Checker
Read more about why you should go for responsive website design

2. Your website does not contain Flash
Yes not having a flash is a good sign for your website. This proves that your website is amongst good and reliable websites. Websites having flash are not crawled by the Google and are not listed in the search engines easily. If your website is having flash in it, it won’t be supported by iPhone and other smart phones. These smart phones do not support flash websites. Flash is very difficult to maintain and use. So it is not a good idea to have a flash. So congratulations if you do not have a flash available in your website.

3. Your Search Engine Rankings are High
Your business is always searched with some key-phrases on the internet that are related to your business. When you can find your website easily on the search engine with any of the services or product related keyword then it means that your website is good enough to generate business for you.

Today it is all about having high quality, original, unique and interactive content on your website. Your content is good and unique you are on the top of the search engine. 93% of all the online experiences get started with the search engine. When you design your website keeping SEO in mind it will ensure that your potential customers will be able to find you online.

4. Your visitors are sticking to your website
When you can see that your visitors are sticking to your website and are taking long on your website it means they are liking it and your website is perfect for their requirements. This means that you have provided them with readable content, organized categories.
You can see it clearly with your increasing ROI and conversion rates. All this means that you have designed your website keeping in mind your visitors as well as yours and their goals. You can see increase in the qualified traffic and the leads.

5. It looks perfectly appealing
You cannot decide yourself if your website is looking appealing or not. You can only ask your customers or friends to give their reviews on your website design. If you find people saying it highly appealing and beautiful this is the time to have a big smile on your face. Your designs are clean and easy to navigate which makes your website an appealing and approaching website.

The fact is 94% of the people say that websites having good web designs are more reliable. It is very important for you that your customers trust you and only a strong web design can make this happen.

6. Your website is Fast
Slow websites are very annoying and people run away from long and lengthy websites that takes minutes to open. Click on your website and check if it is getting opened in seconds. If the answer is yes, your website is just perfect for your visitors. It is always advised to have websites that opens in few seconds because nobody has got that much of time to wait for your website to open.

Having a fast-loading website does not only ensure that your customers will stick around for long but this also means that they are having a great experience working on your website.

7. Easy updates are available for your website
When your regular visitors are getting easy updates about your website it means your website is quite good. It is good to have a CMS website because if you have a CMS based website then it is easy to make updates.

CMS is very important for your business website.  If you do not have a website on CMS then re developing your website on a CMS base will really improve your marketing team.

8. User friendly navigation
If your website is easy to navigate and your visitors are easily finding what they are looking for then smile again because your website has proved again that it is amongst the best ones. People generally like websites that are clean and provide easy navigation to their visitors. If you are allowing them an easy and enjoyable navigation, you are perfect.

9. Bounce Rate of your website is low
Bounce rate is the measure of how many people visit your website and they left after only viewing the landing page. If your website is having a low bounce rate you won again. It means that your visitors are not leaving your website just in few minutes but they are spending some time with your website and are searching for the products and services they must be looking for.

10. Clear Path to Contact Information
If you are easy to get in touch with your visitors, you are good. If you are making communications with your clients and contacting them on regular basis, you are perfect. It would become really difficult for you to perform well if you do not communicate with your clients.

So have you matched each and every point with your existing website? How much did it score? Well it is great if you have scored more than 8 but if less than 8 then please start working on your website. It needs rebuilding. Do not worry. It is easy.

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