5 Signals to Update your Website

website update checklist

How to find out that my website needs updation?

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If you really want to be in the game for long you need to keep your work up to date always. Likewise if you wish your website to be on the top always you have to update your website on a regular basis. But the thing is that how will you find out when your website is asking for an update. How will you get to know the right time of updating your website? Here we will discuss 5 signals that will confirm the updation of your website.

1. Loading time is very high
This is one of the biggest reasons why your visitors run away from your website. According to a research, visitors do not stay at the website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. So, if you find that your website is taking too long to get loaded, your website is asking for an update. Everybody is having superfast internet plans at their homes, so they expect their websites to open within milliseconds. Also, Google take this loading time as one of the major factors for ranking your website on the search engines.

2. Using Flash animations on your landing pages
Please update your website as soon as possible if you are still using those animations at your landing page. Your visitors do not need such animations but they only want quality content, easily accessible website and a website that should get loaded within seconds. Your only aim for designing a website is to get your potential customers at your page and converting them into your permanent customers.

3. Webpage with bad functionality and design
Nobody likes ugly and messy web pages. A visitor will get confused about where to go and how to proceed. It is important that your webpage should be clean and should be well organized so that when a person visit to your website should feel like that yes this is what I was looking for. An unorganized and messy website will give a bad impression about your website and won’t help you in increasing your business.

4. No Social media Accounts
The present era is all about being social. You have to show and present yourself in front of the common people with the help of these social media websites these days. Make your company account with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all other social media websites to promote yourself online. If not any other these three social media websites are playing a significant role in enhancing the value of your business. Make posts, as questions, reply to their questions and interact with your users. This will definitely help you in promoting your business online.

5. Content on your website is misspelled or contains grammatical errors
Check the content on your website if it is free from spelling errors and the grammatical errors. Keep on reading the content and update it after every two or three months. This will make Google crawl your website after every two or three months and will make it rank high in the search engines.

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