10 Simple Steps to Reduce your Website's Bounce Rate Today

10 Valid Reasons Why People Don’t Like to Stick Around on Your Website

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Your site is getting decent traffic levels but is faring poorly with conversion rates.
Visitors come on your site, but leave before you can even blink.
You are worried but don’t know the reasons for it.

Let me give you 10 valid reasons which drive away users from you site.


The 10 most valid reasons why users leave your site in a blink

  1. Your website has too many ads and pop-ups. Cramping your webpage with ads and unwanted pop-ups suffocates your page and irritates users.
  2. Your website is taking ages to open. A slow loading website is cited as the #1 reason why people leave a website without checking it out properly.
  3. Your website is noisy. Auto playing sound as soon as you open a site can drive user’s nuts. Make your site “Sssh”.
  4. Your site has an outdated design. Who says “Never judge a book by its cover”, the users always judge a website by its outlook.
  5. Your site is not responsive. Spare a thought for mobile internet users. Not every internet user uses a desktop.
  6. Your site has poor and outdated content. Your content gives inaccurate and outdated information and is also loaded with grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  7. Your site’s navigation is confusing. A user cannot reach towards his desired content on your website due to confusing navigation. Every time he tries. He gets redirected somewhere else.
  8. Your website is posthumous. A user cannot see your contact details. How does he reach you? Who is the owner of the site? Provide proper contact information for user to get in touch with you.
  9. Your website is trying to oversell itself. Users do not like sites which are pushy and ask users to register first and continue later. Don’t oversell yourself.
  10. Your website has bad typography. Users are unable to read your content due to bad color contrast. Your choice of fonts is incorrect.

If you do not incorporate these changes in your website soon, then its success and conversion rates will continue to remain pathetic.

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