Choosing the Right Domain Name, Here is Some Golden Rules to Follow

Infographic Choosing the Right Domain Name

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To make a stand in online marketplace, there is a need for a domain name that will create your identity among target audience.  Whether you need to address any blog site, a start-up or just a friend’s website, you should follow the below mentioned tips that comes handy for choosing a great domain name.

  1. To begin with, keep 5 terms or phrases reserved that you can mix and match to create a striking domain name.
  2. Don’t invite a trouble by labelling your domain name similar to the one already existing on web. Uniqueness is the key. For example using readit when a domain name reddit already exists.
  3. Go for the .com extended domain names so that you don’t lose the potential traffic as they are critical to own and rarely redirected to a wrong place (rare issues in 301’ing).
  4. Including easy-to-type letters is also a considerable factor as length of dull words can make you lose branding and marketing value.
  5. Keep the length of name as short as possible because it will be much easier to remember.
  6. Create a name that will give visitors as instant idea about what would be coming forth and make sure you have provided all the relevant things in place.
  7. Never get involved in copyright infringement as that kill both a great domain and company.
  8. Let your brand be known with a unique label that will build some additional value for your domain name as well.
  9. Avoid using hyphens and numbers as using these both can lead to confusions and mistakes in the domain name.
  10. Odd spellings and short adjectives like tumbler are not always come as the best choice. Just don’t follow because everyone else is following. Be unique in your approach.

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